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Stories from around the web!

March 31, 2017
As a challenge coin maker I do make an effort to make my coins affordable. This idea of affordability inspired me to show you a story I recently found where someone spent $10,000 on 2,000 challenge coins. This story made me say Holy Cow! How much research was done on pricing before they placed this order?

We manufactured 2,000 coins for one client over 2 separate orders in 2016 for significantly less than $10,000. I wish I had more details (such as size, base material, where it was made, plating and any other special features) about the $5 per coin at 2,000 pieces order. You can read the full story here.

A challenge coin for a fallen Navy Seal.

Challenge coins are getting disparaged at certain places online. I wanted to bring you all some noteworthy stories where challenge coins or custom coins really help enhance events or group recognition.

A challenge coin for a fallen Navy Seal.

Vietnam veterans will be recognized with special “Welcome Home” challenge coins. The Vietnam veterans will also receive commemorative pins issued by the government as part of the 50th anniversary observances.

Welcome home challenge coins for Vietnam veterans.