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Custom Police Challenge Coins For Sale

Police coins or challenge coins are an item that is more commonly associated with the United States military or federal law enforcement agency. These custom made coins usually bear the emblem or insignia of a member to an organization. These coins often prove the membership to a particular organization and can be used to signify various events in the career of a service person. Not only can these coins be given out as recognition awards by an organization but custom police challenge coins are also given out to signify service, display solidarity and enhance morale.

The history of service coins is that they were first created to confirm the identity of individuals assigned to a covert military operation. If a law enforcement officer is recognized for courage in the line of duty, they may receive a challenge coin or recognition coin based on their achievement. These types of recognition coins can then be given away to service members or persons in charge to showcase the skills, experience and accolades of such veteran service members.

Custom police coins can be official coins used as fundraisers or raise awareness of a newly formed special investigative unit or to re-establish the importance of a seasoned police division. Custom offer a great way to celebrate a significant change, like the one our Arizona Department of Public Safety is currently transitioning to.

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins

Police coins may have humble military beginnings but represent a whole new chapter in the challenge coin world. These police challenge coins offer a fantastic and unique way to celebrate and carry on the tradition of service excellence in your unit, service area, division or special task force.

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There’s no time the present to get your custom metal coin project started. I say a heartfelt and sincere thank you to everyone who purposely put themselves in harm’s way. God bless!